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Wilson McCoubrey will be representing Northern Ireland at the World Team Championships at Kentucky Horse Park this weekend. He is bringing a little gift from the Saint Patrick Centre for the participants to promote Saint Patrick’s Country.

Western Mass Chapter Begins.

It's Young Ambassador Application time again in America and Canada to find young people to come and learn about Downpatrick this June and then go and promote us to the world. This is the poster from our newest Friends of Saint Patrick Centre Chapter in Western Massachusetts.
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Milwaukee Chooses New Chapter President

Congratulations to Jen Vettrus, the new President of the Milwaukee Friends of Saint Patrick Centre and Mame McCully who has become Vice President. A big thank you to Tom Callen for his years of service promoting Saint Patrick and Downpatrick and we hope the Open House Reception on March 6th and the Downtown and Bluemound…
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Board Members selected the winners and runners up of the Saint Patrick Centre Christmas Card Competition this week - the winners will be announced on Monday!

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