Bernie Brown - The Life of the Lough -3rd of May running till the 26th of May.
This dramatic exhibition features the landscape and the people living in and around spectacular Strangford Lough, Co. Down. This exhibition is unique. It is unique for many reasons including the fact that the strength and the peace created in this exhibition space comes directly from the power of the people living and working in the watery townlands of the soil, sea and islands of Strangford Lough. This very special part of East Ulster is truthfully captured by environmental portrait photographer Bernie Brown and combines landscape and portrait work in an eclectic 'image-mix'. The people featured are real, all having very real connections with the Lough and this stunning landscape is one of the best kept secrets in Northern Ireland. The rolling drumlins and the smell of salt water and freshly cut hay effuse from this insightful collection which above all, speaks quietly, eloquently and powerfully...for itself. A year's labour of love on the part of photographer Bernie Brown has gone into recording the spectacular beauty of this rural landscape and its people who bring it to life and give it form. Bernie became a full time professional press photographer in 1999 and now specializes in documentary, landscape and wildlife themes.
Thursday 22nd Apr 2010