St Patrick Exhibition

One of a kind

The Saint Patrick Centre is the only permanent exhibition in the World about Ireland’s Patron Saint. The story of Ireland begins in the words of Patrick- the Roman, the Slave, the Cleric and Saint.

Internationally renowned Irish actor, Ciaran Hinds – famous for his work in Harry Potter, Road to Perdition and Game of Thrones, gives a voice to Saint Patrick and narrates us in Patrick’s own words through his life and adventures from his boyhood in Roman Britain to his captivity by Irish pirates, his slavery on Slemish Mountain and escape. Our IMAX cinema, bold graphics, sculpture combined with video and audio techniques allows visitors to explore Patrick’s life and the major impact of Irish Missionaries on dark Age Europe – a legacy which lasts to this day.

The story our exhibition tells...

St Patrick's World

The exhibition opens with an exploration of Patrick’s Roman background and the world to which he would come – that of Celtic Ireland – literally ‘a land at the end of the World’.

Six Years A Shepherd

Patrick introduces himself through his writings – the first words ever written in Ireland. Patrick describes how he was captured as a boy and sold into slavery in Ireland. His voice is uniquely brought to life by award-winning Irish Actor Cairan Hinds.

At Sea

Patrick escapes his captors in Ireland, boarding a ship with some sailors who were to become his first converts.

st patrick at sea
The Journey and Return

After months of travel and hardship Patrick returns to his parents and becomes a Cleric. Eventually one day he is called back to Ireland as a missionary – the place of his childhood nightmares.

the journey
God Before Me

Discover the Mission of Patrick and those who sought to hijack his work and bring him home to Britain.

god before me st patrick

Learn about the monastic ‘spin doctors’ who wrote about Patrick’s life and turned him into an early Christian Superhero. Then hear modern academics give their take on Saint Patrick.

Take a helicopter ride to all of the places important to the story of Patrick in Ireland in our IMAX Cinema.
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