New Experiences For 2021

New Experiences For 2021


St Patrick's Way 2021 Packages


Our new range of Saint Patrick Experiences will give you the opportunity to visit unique sites, meet local people and explore the history and heritage of Saint Patrick’s Country. From historical and spiritual walks to mountain trails there is something for everyone. E-Mail for advice or to book. Alternatively you can book online. Here is our new selection of tours –

Saint Patrick’s Camino Downpatrick – Full Day Guided Walk

Saint Patrick’s Camino Downpatrick – Morning Guided Walk


Saint Patrick’s Camino Downpatrick – Afternoon Guided Walk

Saint Patrick’s Way Newcastle


Saint Patrick’s Way Downpatrick and Lunch in Irish for Everyone


Saint Patrick and the Pagan Hills

Saint Patrick’s Way Camino and Canoe Adventure

Saint Patrick’s Coastal Camino


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