Murray School of Irish Dance

Introducing our fifth school in our Irish dancing showcase:

The Murray School of Irish dance has been established for over 30 years in Ballynahinch, Co.Down, Northern Ireland. The school was started as the Coogan School in the markets area of Belfast by Catherine Murray-McMullan who has been teaching Irish dancing for over 36 years. Catherine’s daughter Aislinn McKee and former pupil Orla O’Hare are also qualified teachers within the school.

As affiliated members of the Festival Dance Teachers Association (FDTA) and CRDM the schools aim is to foster, promote and encourage Irish Dancing at all levels. They pride themselves on being a truly cross-community organisation – this is reflected in their membership which is made up of pupils from many different schools across the local area.

They encourage team work and solo performances for all their dancers. Children from age 4 are welcome in their beginners classes. Their dancers have competed in local Festivals, the Ulster Championships, the Northern Ireland Championships, South West England Championships the European Championships and the World championships and have enjoyed winning many Solo and Team Titles in each of these events.