Saint Patrick Centre Exhibition

New for 2023 – The only exhibition about Saint Patrick in the World

New for 2023 – The only exhibition about Saint Patrick in the World – The Saint Patrick Centre in Downpatrick – to complete major refurbishment. 

The Saint Patrick Centre, winner of Tourism NI’s most Innovative Tourism Business in 2022, is working with Ireland’s leading exhibition designer Tandem Design and Dublin’s most creative digital production team, NoHo, to create a remarkable and inspiring new exhibition fit for Ireland’s greatest cultural export – Saint Patrick.

Work has been ongoing over the last year to redesign the content of the Centre, which is one of Northern Ireland’s most successful and enduring international visitor attractions. Entirely new exhibition panels, new lighting, a huge immersive projection table the shape of Ireland and new high definition video content will bring the exhibition to life.

‘Saint Patrick’s Day is the biggest cultural festival in the World’ says Centre Director Dr Tim Campbell ‘and this gave us the opportunity to invite parades to get involved in a new section of our exhibition called ‘Saint Patrick around the World. As a  result we have a unique Maori Irish Dancing Costume from the Auckland Parade in New Zealand, a dress uniform from the Lexington Minutemen in the Boston Parade, a dress from the ‘Spirit Voices from The Sea’ Dublin Parade and a uniform from the President of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America amongst others’

One of the highlights of the new exhibition will be a new Imax presentation shot simultaneously on five cameras. ‘When we did the original experience we had to hire a helicopter which landed at Belfast City Airport and had five cameras strapped to it’ said Dr Campbell.

‘Nowadays we can do everything with drones and it’s very exciting because you can literally come face to face with the tallest statue of Patrick in the World at Saul.’

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Dr Tim Campbell