James Chichester-Clark by Clive Scoular

James Chichester-Clark by Clive Scoular



This is the first biography about the life and times of James Chichester-Clark, who was Northern Ireland’s Prime Minister from 1969 to 1971.
Major Chichester-Clark is remembered as being the Northern Ireland PM who, having struggled with the emergent Civil Rights Movement and having seen law and order in the Province collapse in the summer of 1969, brought in the Troops to the Bogside and later on to the streets of Belfast. His package of reforms far exceeded that of any of NI’s six premiers. The daily pressures he had to face during his 22 months in office included many stormy confrontations with the British Prime Ministers, Harold Wilson and Edward Heath whilst at 10 Downing Street to discuss the affairs of the Province.

This book shows his resilience and determination dismissing, once and for all, the wholly inaccurate perception that he was a man unfit for the task of leadership. His steely character and gritty fortitude emerge in this memoir, described by Professor Paul Bew of Queen’s University, as ‘lively and well-informed’.

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