Rev Marcus Losack

Author and historian the Rev Marcus Losack will be at the Saint Patrick Centre on Thursday 7th February at 7.30pm to give a lecture on Saint Patrick and the French Connection – a New Theory of Origins.

As part of the monthly Lecture Series at the Centre the Rev Losack will share his experience of discovering a strong local tradition in France and Breton resources which point to Saint Patrick coming from Brittany. He will demonstrate the evidence he has found that Patrick’s family came from Strathclyde in Scotland originally and settled in France at the time of the Rebellion of the British Emperor Magnus Maximus in 383 AD.

‘Patrick and Coroticus, about whom one of his letters was written were probably related’ says the Rev Losack. ‘They were part of an ancient royal dynasty belonging to the house of Wales and Brittany including the Ancient Scottish kings of Strathclyde. The geneaology points to this and family rivalry which might have explained Patrick’s original abduction.’

Signed copies of the Rev Losack’s new book ‘Rediscovering St Patrick -Patrick’s Place of Origins and Royal Family’ will be on sale at the Lecture. Admission free.