Things to consider when playing online basketball gambling


How to play online basketball gambling is indeed very easy, especially for people who love this type of sport. Because if you are a hobbyist, you will try to memorize all the profiles and playing styles of each player, moreover you have found motivation to play basketball. Well if you already know about basketball, of course this is very helpful for you to place an online basketball gambling bet without doubt. The type of bet is not too much different from online football sportsbook, namely over / under, parlay, handicap, and others.


  • Full-Time (FT) for bets of this type, which is calculated is the final result of a match including Extra Time.
  • If the match is postpone (postponed) or canceled, then the bet that you have placed will be returned to your ID again by the online bookie spoortbook gambling that you are playing.
  • If the match you have played has played, but until half the match is canceled or postponed within 12 hours, then your Full-Time bet will be considered valid. Bets will be considered valid if it has been run over 35 minutes, and if the match is canceled when the game enters under 35 minutes, then bets will usually be considered invalid or canceled.
  • First Half, which is included in the first half is the first quarter and second quarter, well, if the Second Half is calculated from Quarter 3 and the fourth quarter, then if Overtime is different again.
  • Quarter 4 bets are different from Overtime bets, if you bet only on Quarter 4, then bets will be counted only in Quarter 4, not Over Time.
  • Now for the type of street ball betting, basketball scores will usually not be posted. But the score stated is 0 – 0.
  • Special bets, well, that means special bets are bets that generally tend to be very detailed, for example total assists, total blocks, total steals, number of rebounds.