The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree


The Giving Tree – which helps everyone to help those in need – is back at Saint Patrick Centre in the spirit of Christmas and Saint Patrick.

In these challenging times, The Giving Tree allows local people to give a gift disadvantaged child, a vulnerable adult or an older person in a care home.

Saint Patrick Centre, the world’s only permanent exhibition to Saint Patrick, will be working with our partners in social services and Women’s Aid.

“This year more than 100 elderly people in care homes will benefit from the scheme,” said Dr Tim Campbell, director of Saint Patrick Centre, the world’s only permanent exhibition to St Patrick.

“All you have to do is take a tag from our giving tree and you give someone a brighter future.”

“Every label represents a child and tells you their age and if they are a boy or a girl or an older person or vulnerable adult, feeling isolated and alone. Choose a label, let us know what you have taken by ticking our sheet at reception and buy a present for the child you have chosen. Return it unwrapped to us and we will make sure it reaches them!

“This is our fifth year for the Giving Tree and it was so successful last year thanks to the generosity of the good people of County Down who have captured the Spirit of St Patrick and St Nicholas. We had so many presents last year that the whole of our art gallery was filled with gifts for children!”

“We thought that we should include the elderly in care homes this year as well as children and other vulnerable people because the most senior members of our society have suffered so much during this past year, due to restrictions related to Covid.”

Although lockdown restrictions means we will be closed from Friday December 27thuntil December 11th, the Centre will reopen to help everyone have a more joyful time this Christmas.

All details are available on our social media channels.


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